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muscle 9

September 16-19,1997

The Department of Atmospheric Sciences,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

Sponsored by The Hebrew University and by the Israel National Committee for Radio Science (of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities Delegation to the International Union of Radio Science)

The following is a partial list of institutions that will sponsor or participate in the organization of the workshop:
Department of Atmospheric Sciences,Hebrew University, Jerusalem ,
DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton, VA
Department of Physics,University of Florence

Abstract Deadline
April 30 , 1997


Objective of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop is the presentation and discussion of recent theoretical and experimental research in multiple scattering with special applications to LIDAR techniques. Researchers working in the field are invited to participate in the nineth of the annual MUSCLE series.

Topical Areas that Identify the Effects of Multiple Scattering in Laser Propagation

- Techniques for obtaining theoretical multiple scattering results for given LIDAR geometries*
- Theoretical models for the calculation of laboratory-scaled simulations of multiply scattered LIDAR return signals*
- The use of multiple scattering for the characterization of cloud properties

- Mathematical inversion of multiple scattering LIDAR/laser measurements

- Experiments designed for the detailed study of multiple scattering

- Ground, air, and spaceborne LIDAR activities

- Propagation of light beams through thick clouds

- Remote sensing of clouds and surfaces (ocean and land) through clouds

- Limitations due to Multiple Scattering on DIAL, rm-cw and coherent LIDARS

* During the meeting a special session will be devoted to a discussion of the results obtained by groups which have made calculations pertaining to Lidar returns for the cloud model and Lidar geometries decided on during the Quebec, Canada, Feb. 1996 meeting.
Registration for technical sessions is open to all members of the scientific and technical community.

The International Organizing Committee

A. Cohen           Hebrew University, Israel
D. Winker NASA Langley Research Center
C. Werner DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany
U. Oppel Munich University, Germany
P. Bruscaglioni University of Florence, Italy
L. Bissonnette DREV, Valcartier, Canada
C. Flesia Universite de Geneve, Geneve
E. Eloranta University of Wisconsin, Madison
A. Bendavid US Army APG CRDEC
E. Zege Byelorussian Academy of Sciences, Minsk
M. Kleiman Israel Institute fo Biological Research
S. Egert Israel Institute fo Biological Research
P. Flamant CNRS,Ecole Polytechnique, France
U. Wadinger Institute for Tropospheric Research, Leipzig
R. D. Haracz Drexel University, Philadelphia

Preparation of Extended Abstract

An Abstract package will be prepared for participants before the meeting. A summary ( extended abstract) of the presentation will be reproduced directly from the material submitted by the author. The summary should be typed on 81/2 " x 11" white paper with 1" margins all around. Figures, tables, and drawings should appear on the page exactly as they are to be reproduced, or preferably prepared on a Macintosh or IBM compatible disk. The first page of the extended abstract should begin with the title of the paper followed by the author's name(s) and address.The extended abstract should be about four pages in length. It is recommended that the summary be prepared on a Macintosh disk. All participants will receive a Macintosh disk containing a sample extended abstract for submission to the workshop committee.

Deadline for submission of extended abstract

All extended abstracts should arrive by 30 April, 1997, addressed to
Prof. Ariel Cohen, Chairman, Organizing Committee,
Department of Atmospheric Sciences,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
(Tel. 972-2-658-6645, E-Mail , FAX 972-2-435014)

A proceedings containing full length papers is planned.

The workshop will be held in Jerusalem (2 1/2 days) and 1 day in Eilat.

Information on hotel accommodations and reservations will be mailed during the month of May.

Meeting Registration
There will be a registration fee of $100.00 which will cover the abstract package,and coffee and lunch breaks.

Those interested in additional information about the meeting are invited to complete the enclosed form and return it a.s.a.p.

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Prof. Ariel Cohen

March 1, 1997